Smoke Signal by Sean Litchfield

Smoke Signal by Sean Litchfield

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Smoke Signal
(Brooklyn, NYC 2020)

"When the lockdowns as a response to the pandemic began, everything was postponed or canceled right off the bat. Like many other working photographers, the floor sort of fell out from under me within a few days. For a while it seemed temporary, but within a few days as more information became available, I knew this is how things were going to be for a while. In an attempt to try to stay creative and fill my time, I started creating still life's at home. The look and feel of the photos seem to change with the varying emotions I’m experiencing during this time. Some days are really fun and energetic while others, most often, are much simpler and more somber. I love this image because it seems to strike a balance of both. 

There was a state park near my hometown that I would often drive through at night on my way back from the mall when I was in high school. It was kind of terrifying because I was usually the only one passing through, but with the wide winding roads and a full moon overhead it was beautiful — particularly in the summer with the windows down. In this image, I was aiming to emulate those moonlit drives through the foggy woods."

by @seanlitchfield

11"x14" photo print on high quality, matte luster paper.  Printed in Soho, Manhattan.

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