Centerpiece Puzzles was founded by two NYC photographers at the start of the 2020 quarantine (implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic). A week in, they'd lost the ability to work as they once knew it — cooped up inside with more time on their hands than usual, Claire and Lindsay felt a desire to bring together fellow artists while also raising funds to help our broader community. One video chat later, Centerpiece was born.

Each puzzle we offer is an original photograph, representing the work of a variety of artists. The emphasis on high-quality, truly special photography is what makes our puzzles unique. Not only do they make for a relaxing activity, but the end result is something worth staring at — perhaps even framing. As photographers, we know firsthand the enjoyment & mental benefits of absorbing beautiful imagery. We hope our puzzles bring you a bit of visual respite, and an indulgence in the slower pace of things.

Every month, we select a different charitable organization to donate a percentage of our proceeds to. A portion of the remaining profit goes to support the individual artists directly.

Puzzles made in the USA.