10% of each sale goes to The Jed Foundation


Centerpiece Puzzles was founded in NYC by photographers Lindsay Brown Taunton and Claire Esparros. The idea was born as a response to the COVID-19 breakout in March 2020 — having temporarily lost the ability to work as usual, and cooped up indoors from the quarantine, Claire and Lindsay felt a desire to bring together fellow artists and raise money to help the community.

Each puzzle Centerpiece offers is an original photograph, representing a mix of artists. The emphasis on curated high-quality photography is what makes our puzzles unique.

If you're going to stare at an image for as long as it takes to complete a puzzle, it might as well be really nice to look at — perhaps even cool enough to frame. We hope our puzzles bring you a bit of visual respite, and an indulgence in the slower pace of things.

In addition to 10% of profits going to charity, a portion of each sale goes directly to the individual artists.

Puzzles manufactured right here in the USA.